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The CAP Money Course has now been running in Holmer Green for 18+ months (5 courses) and some pleasant surprises have emerged from the feedback given at the end of each course! The course is FREE, and is normally run over three sessions by the Churches Together serving Holmer Green.

It’s no surprise that everyone who has attended the course so far has found it helpful, and that most have said at the end of the course that they felt happier and in more control of their finances than before, when they felt anxious / didn’t like to think about finances – reducing financial worries can never be a bad thing! And everyone who has attended has enjoyed the money-saving tips week by week,
and putting together a sound personal budget.

More of a surprise however was that some couples found that the budgeting process on the course provided them with a means of discussing their finances together, where this had hitherto been a ‘taboo’ subject causing tension in their relationship. Being able to talk about the family’s money together was found to be releasing and invigorating, with lots of new plans being made together as a
result of the course. 


Another surprise was to find that although money was not seen to be a problem week by week, some couples and individuals were not able to save up for the spending they wished to make in the future and didn’t know where to start on this – the CAP Money system enabled them to make firm plans to save up at a rate that was both affordable and still allowed for some luxuries.

Another possibility for the course is in equipping one’s ‘other half’ to be able to manage their finances should they be left on their own – many husbands (and some wives!) have traditionally 'taken care’ of all the family finances over many years, risking leaving their loved one in a potential financial mess if anything should happen to them. DON’T LET THIS BE THE CASE IN YOUR FAMILY! – sign up for the next course using the contact details below.

The feedback to date is strongly that you don’t have to have money problems to get great benefits from the course. Everyone who has done the course will tell you their finances are in better shape than before and that they feel much more in control. SO DON’T MISS OUT – the course is FREE, non-judgmental and lots of fun!. It has been found to be useful for people at work, newly retired people,
soon-to-be students, mums dealing with mounting bills, families saving for a special occasion, and everyone in between.


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