HGBC offers a modern location for a wedding ceremony to celebrate your special day. The minister, Anthony Smith is registered to conduct weddings on the premises.


We believe it is important to give the utmost care and attention to the preparation of those considering marriage, and there are helpful procedures for arranging weddings which we go through at HGBC, reflecting good pastoral practice and an important measure of integrity within the church.

Christian marriage... a distinct and unique relationship in the body of Christ. The Apostle Paul likens marriage between a husband and wife as unto the special relationship between Christ and the Church; therefore it should be entered into with due seriousness and reverence.

Why get married in church?

At the heart of the ceremony lie the promises a couple make to each other before God and we make no apologies for the religious content of this part of the service: the qualities of faithfulness, forgiveness and love are essential to the success of any marriage and they are God’s gifts to us, because they reflect God’s very nature. The wedding vows incorporate certain words that need to be said by law for the ceremony to be legal and valid, but otherwise the service can be tailored to suit your requirements, with your choice of music, hymns, songs, prayers and readings.

Who can get married at HGBC?

You don’t have to be a member at HGBC to get married here and we do consider requests for a wedding service from people who have been divorced or who are living with their partner. For an informal chat about getting married, contact the Pastor. Normally we try to arrange a series of monthly meetings prior to the proposed wedding date to discuss both the content of the service and also to prepare couples for a lifetime of marriage together. Our aim is not just to try to ensure that the ceremony itself is a special time, but also to help couples to treasure their love for each other so that ‘happy ever after’ can become part of their shared story.

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