Kat Mills Concert

Kat Mills is a singer songwriter from Surrey, United Kingdom. She grew up with a classical music background – her father a conductor and her mother an oboist. This gave her a rich cultural experience from a young age. Always passionate about singing, Kat was classically trained and has developed her repertoire to include singing musical theatre, pop and jazz. In addition to singing, Kat plays piano and cello – she writes predominantly on the piano. Writing comes as second nature – something that she does to work through life’s situations. She recently finished 18 months as a student on 10000 Fathers Worship School.

She lives in Surrey with her husband and son and is a worship leader at Worcester Park Baptist Church.

Check out Kat's website.

Date:     Saturday 11 April 2020
Venue:   Holmer Green Baptist Church

             The Common, Holmer Green

             HP15 6TD

Time:     6.00 pm

Tickets:  Details later

Info:       events@holmergreenbaptist.org.uk

             or phone 01494 712479