Holy Land Tour 2020
A Holmer Green Baptist Church tour
led by Pastor Anthony and Adele Smith
Thursday 12 November to Saturday 21 November 2020
Holy Land

When I visited the Holy Land a few years ago it left a deep impression on me and brought a freshness to the Bible stories I had learnt from childhood. If you are able to join us I am sure it will be not only a great time of fun and fellowship but also it cannot fail to make a deep spiritual impact on you. It will undoubtedly bring the Bible to life!

The programme we are following is carefully planned so that we visit the key sites whilst leaving space for group and personal reflection.

I do hope you will consider joining us for what will be a memorable time.

Anthony Smith (Pastor Holmer Green Baptist Church)

Anthony and Adele

Date:                Thursday 12th - Saturday 21st November 2020

Tour organiser: Worldwide Christian Travel - www.christian-travel.com

Price of tour:     £1620 per person

Info:                  info@christian-travel.com

                         or phone 01494 712479

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