Cornerstone is an informal evening service which invites all to come and worship God and spend time in His presence. At each service we hear a short talk before entering into a time of open prayer and worship as we allow God’s Spirit to move amongst us in prophetic power.

Cornerstone takes place from 7.00pm - 8.15pm (approx) on a quarterly basis.

Refreshments available from 6.30pm.


Why gather together for prayer and praise?

1.    We want to spend time with our creator and give Him glory

Jesus deserves the glory! It’s through Him we have life, by His name we are set free, and by His death and resurrection we can meet in the Father’s refreshing and healing presence! What joy this ignites!


Our desire is to be a people on fire for Him; rejoicing always, praying continually, giving thanks in all circumstances; as is God’s will for us in Jesus Christ - not quenching the Spirit, but following His lead in all aspects of our lives.


As we do this, we are believing that God will speak, and will mould us and move us, to bring His Kingdom ever closer.

2.    We want to see our community set free by the Truth of Jesus Christ

We believe that God’s presence transforms lives. We sometimes sing the words “God can do anything, anything at all” as part of our children’s ministry, yet we struggle to believe them as adults. As we rest in God’s presence and bring our prayers to Him, we want to set aside fear, and take up child-like faith, believing for God to move with power throughout our congregation and beyond, in the knowledge that our God really can do anything at all!