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"The first Baptist Church however in the village was a small brick and flint structure built in 1869."

The earliest recorded meeting of a group of Baptists in Holmer Green is 1798. The first Baptist Church however in the village was a small brick and flint structure built in 1869. At that time Holmer Green was a small hamlet of some fifty cottages, situated between the Buckinghamshire towns of High Wycombe and Amersham. The population was about 150 people, the employment being mainly in agriculture or fruit growing.

The church building was altered and added to over the next 130 years. By the late 1980's, the village had grown to a thriving community comprising modern housing estates and a population of over 4,500. The number of people going to the Baptist Church on a regular basis had also considerably increased, and the existing building was becoming inadequate, both in terms of size and structure. The members had a vision of a brand new Baptist Church and enquiries were made to establish whether this was a feasible idea.

It was feasible, and under the leadership and ministry of Revd Hedley Feast, the members were encouraged to work and pray for the fulfillment of this vision and the task of fund-raising started.

Hedley moved back to Oxfordshire in 1993, but fund-raising continued and by 1999, planning permission had been obtained for a new site and sufficient funds were available to commence the project. After Hedley the church appointed the Revd Roger Crawshaw.

Revd Hedley Feast

It was decided that the year 2000 would be an appropriate time for the opening of the new church, and construction work began. The new building was completed by the end of 1999, and the first worship service was held on 16th January 2000 - a great time of celebration and thanksgiving to God.

Revd Roger Crawshaw

From March 2001 to January 2004, Revd Graeme Harrison was the minister and it is recognised that in this period there was a growth in the spirituality of the church and also an increase in the number of people attending, especially for the youth groups.

Revd Graeme Harrison 

After a period of 18 months without a minister Revd Mike Pons was inducted to this post in September 2005. He left us in July 2012.

Revd Mike Pons

The prayer of the church is for God's Holy Spirit to sweep through the lives of all who attend the church and who are part of its life and that this will flow out into our communities so that the whole village of Holmer Green will come to have a relationship with God, through his son Jesus Christ. 

Pastor Anthony Smith

In March 2014, after another period of pastoral vacancy, Anthony Smith accepted our offer to become the permanent part-time Lay Pastor.

Although this entry is on the history page inevitably, as it is the latest entry, it has to be about the future or history unfolding for us at Holmer Green Baptist Church.

As I seek to pastor the Church here it may help you to understand the vision we have. It really is very simple - We feel we are called to serve God and to share His love with others in this village and further afield.

Consequently if you think there is any way we can ever help you then you only have to ask and we will be there for you. Feel free to come and find out more! 

1798 - Present Day

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