About us
Holmer Green Baptist Church

"Called to Serve God and share His love with others."

What we believe

We are affiliated to the Baptist Union of Great Britain but every Baptist Church is independent and autonomous. These are the main things that make Baptists distinctive:


There is one God, who exists eternally in three distinct but equal persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God is unchangeable in his holiness, justice, wisdom and love. He is the almighty Creator; Saviour and Judge who sustains and governs all things according to his sovereign will for his own glory.

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The Mission Statement of the Church is to be accomplished through the following five purposes:


  1. Worship – Taking time to make God our primary focus.

  2. Evangelism – Reaching other people with the good news about Jesus Christ.

  3. Discipleship – Developing a long-term relationship with Jesus.

  4. Fellowship – Maintaining relationships with the Holy Spirit and with each other.

  5. Ministry – Serving God with our gifts and abilities.


We give our time, our abilities and our money to promote God's work both within and outside of our church community.

The members of HGBC want to be a community which is constantly looking forward, totally dependent on God.

Mission Statement

History of the Church

The earliest recorded meeting of a group of Baptists in Holmer Green is 1798. The first Baptist Church however in the village was a small brick and flint structure built in 1869. At that time Holmer Green was a small hamlet of some fifty cottages, situated between the Buckinghamshire towns of High Wycombe and Amersham. The population was about 150 people, the employment being mainly in agriculture or fruit growing.

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Our Team

Anthony Smith
Mark Coventry
Alan Biswas-Rooney



Associate Pastor



Derek Brown
Derek Brown

Church Secretary

Bob Davy
Claire Spinks-Gillen
Elaine Brown
Bob Davy
Claire Spinks-Gillen
Elaine Brown




At the AGM in March 2021 four Church Members were elected onto the Leadership Team as Trustees (Deacons), namely Claire Spinks-Gillen, Bob Davy, Derek Brown and Elaine Brown.