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Christmas Services 2018 in Holmer Green and Penn Street

Dear Friend

Christmas is a magical time of year. I love the lights and the Christmas decorations twinkling in the dark nights bringing with them the sense of expectation that a special time of year is upon us.

What does Christmas mean to you? Most people have traditions that they stick to. Things they cook, people they visit, television programmes they watch, games they play, things they do! Christmas tends to be a busy time, a whirr of things that need doing; Christmas parties, work functions, things that need buying, people that need visiting, food that needs eating! It is a time of great celebration, spending quality time with family and friends in a cheerful if somewhat frenetic break to cheer us up before winter really sets in. Good fun especially for the young, but I wonder if sometimes we are so busy doing the celebrating, we forget what we were celebrating in the first place?

Our Churches in Holmer Green love to celebrate too! Like everyone else we love celebrating with family, friends and loved ones! Life is busy for us all, but we like to do that something special, to take time out, to remember the why and the who we are celebrating in the first place!

For Christians around the world Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of Christ. Jesus came to earth to bring us into a relationship with God, to bring us peace in a world of turmoil, comfort to those that mourn and hope to those who feel hopeless. In our various carol services, Christmas eve and Christmas day services, we take time to stop, remember, give thanks and yes celebrate! the birth of Christ. And we would love you to join us! You don’t have to be a Baptist, Anglican, Methodist or Catholic! These are merely the names above the doors! We are one church celebrating the birth of the one Christ this Christmas and all who want to celebrate with us are guaranteed a warm welcome! So why not join us at any of our services and events this Christmas?

If you can’t manage that, perhaps you could just find a few moments to take a break from the hustle and bustle wherever you are and sit a while to consider why and what we are celebrating.

God showed his divine love in sending Jesus so that we can all know his love, peace and security in our lives. We in ACTS pray that whatever your circumstance of life you will find the love that Christ that has to offer you this Christmas.

Written by Mark Coventry, elder at Holmer Green Baptist Church on behalf of ACTS.


also invites you all to Christmas On The Common on Saturday 8th December, starting from the Village Centre at 5pm, with torchlight procession singing carols around the common, accompanied by music from the Baptist Church. Back at the Village Centre there will be a singing performance by children from the Junior School and lighting of the Christmas tree.